AlloDerm Gingival Grafting

AlloDerm gingival grafting is a soft tissue replacement without harvesting palatal tissue (tissue from the roof of your mouth).

Benefits of gingival tissue grafting
The purpose of gingival grafting is to create an amount of attached gum tissue adequate to reduce the likelihood of further gum recession and bone loss. Other purposes for this procedure are to cover exposed root surfaces, to enhance the appearance of the teeth and gum line, and to prevent or treat sensitivity or root decay.

What is AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix?
AlloDerm is a sterile human connective tissue matrix that contains no blood or cells. This tissue matrix has been in use in medicine and dentistry for over ten years. In the past, gingival grafting required tissue transplant from the patient's palate. Now that AlloDerm is used, the palatal tissue harvesting site is eliminated. The processed tissue is received in a sterile and freeze-dried form where all cells and blood have been removed. This prevents rejection of the tissue and eliminates the possibility of viral or bacterial presence. Once the AlloDerm tissue graft has been placed, the body will begin to replace the AlloDerm with its own tissue through normal cell turn over. This process takes place over a twelve month period of time.

AlloDerm has been used widely in medicine for many applications. Studies have shown that the surgical outcome with AlloDerm, is equivalent to that of palatal tissue grafting. Thus, we can now provide our patients with the same results, while avoiding a second surgical site.