Community Outreach

Dr. Michael Faktor D.M.D and the Elk Avenue Dental team have remarkable compassion when it comes to donating their time and talents to others in need.

For the past 12 years, Dr. Faktor has been lending his services to The Lake Clinic in the Tonle Sap region of Cambodia. Every fall, he offers to share this incredible experience with local high school students, giving them an opportunity to help serve communities in desperate need of dental care. While in the Tonle Sap region, Dr Faktor and the students travel via boat providing a variety of dental services to the floating villages along the Mekong River. For additional information on the The Lake Clinic visit If you would like information on how to apply for a scholarship to join Dr. Faktor in Cambodia, please email us at

Giving back to our community is one of our biggest priorities and something we take great pride in. Every year, we visit several preschools in our area to educate children on the importance of oral health. Recently, we have committed ourselves to providing free cavity screenings and topical fluoride applications at the Gunnison elementary school. Also, twice a year we offer free dental cleanings and restorative work to children in our community who qualify. To find our whether or not your child may qualify for our free community day, please contact us at