Sleep Apnea/ Snoring/Sicat Air

This is an emerging area of dental care and one that is often mistreated.  There are many factors to consider while evaluating for sleep disorders and every patient is different.  Our office utilizes several different technologies and protocols to provide the best possible treatment.  Myofunctional therapy is a great option to provide definitive change and correct the cause of the sleep disorder. Appliance therapy can also be used to treat the cause (DNA appliance) or to treat the symptoms (mandibular advancement appliance). Laser therapy can also be used to reduce or eliminate snoring (nightlase).  A 3D scan allows us to reconstruct your airway to view anatomical restrictions.  Additionally we will work with your physician to obtain and review sleep studies as needed.  If you suspect you suffer from sleep related disorders please let us know and we will help find the best treatment for you.