Why are straight teeth so important and what is the difference in getting braces at CB Dental than somewhere else?

Dr. Chelsea is excited to bring comprehensive, integrative, and airway focused orthodontics to the Gunnison Valley. In 2020, Dr. Chelsea completed the Progressive Orthodontic Seminars 18 month program to become trained in providing comprehensive orthodontics including traditional braces.

Dr. Chelsea believes that it is her responsibility to deliver excellent orthodontic results with a focus on airway development and tongue position because this is what ultimately will make each case successful and long-lasting and create the best foundation for lifetime health.

A wonderful adventure for all ages.


Though we all want healthy, straight teeth, most of us experience inadequate orofacial development, resulting in orofacial myofunctional disorders(OMD).

Dr. Chelsea and Mandy work together to integrate myofunctional therapy into orthodontic treatment. This aids in airway dimension, nasal breathing, jaw development and pain prevention, and creating a beautiful profile and smile.

We always attempt to expand and create space in growing children to align crowded teeth and develop jaws. It is incredibly rare that a young patient should need extractions to create space. It is an antiquated approach that has been shown consistently to create TMJ and airway problems in the future as well as gum recession, worn/chipped teeth, and increased crowding, especially if the tongue position has not been treated. In fact, in recent years, many adults are choosing to re-expand their jaws where premolars have been extracted to improve their breathing, headaches, and profile. It is not something that we ever want one of our patients to have to do!! Long term, orthodontic treatment should make you feel better and not worse!

Myofunctional Orthodontics for Children’s Growth and Development

Many children today are mouth breathers and have some form of tongue dysfunction, which results in an underdeveloped jaw. Early intervention is essential, as it allows us to diagnose an underdeveloped mouth and reestablish appropriate jaw dimensions, nasal breathing, and proper tongue position. It is not uncommon for Dr. Chelsea to recommend some level of intervention by age four or five years. The earlier intervention happens, the least invasive it is for the patient.

A wonderful adventure for all ages.


The effects our dental care treatments have on our patient’s long term health and wellness is our priority.

  • We find that all permanent teeth are essential to proper facial development and tongue position—premolar tooth extractions are incredibly rare
  • In a growing patient, we will only use expansive approaches to align the teeth, jaws, as well as develop the profile and upper airway.
  • We offer guidance to train proper tongue and muscle habits to preserve or minimize re-crowding for the long-term.