We are excited to have had orthodontist Dr. Matt Caspersen ( link to his bio ), who has been bringing over 20 years of specialty experience to our dental practice since 2022. He has treated patients of all ages, and holds particular expertise in pediatric and two-phase orthodontic treatment.

For children, Dr. Matt primarily recommends traditional braces. The first “orthopedic” phase, often done when some permanent teeth are still emerging, corrects skeletal issues like jaw alignment. The second “orthodontic” finishing phase refines the final tooth positioning once the mouth is closer to full adult dentition. However, some children can wait until all permanent teeth emerge before beginning a single phase treatment with braces.

Dr. Matt provides customized recommendations based on each patient's unique growth status and goals. With his personable manner and appreciation for both function and aesthetics, we are thrilled to add Dr. Caspersen’s outstanding skills and judgment to our orthodontic care team.

Currently, Dr. Matt visits Crested Butte Dental to see his orthodontic patients every 6-8 weeks and we are excited that he will begin more full time living in Crested Butte in 2025.

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