Early Intervention

At CB Dental, we believe that assessing children as young as two years old for habits or physical development that could increase the likelihood of functional issues as adults is a very important piece of their care. Getting a head start with habit correction can help pave the way for proper oral development and minimize extensive orthodontics down the road. We offer simple interceptive therapies to curb issues like thumb-sucking, tongue thrusts, and other behaviors that impact alignment and growth.
Habit appliances like the Habit Corrector and Myo Munchie allow kids to comfortably break habits while going about normal activities like sleeping, listening to stories, or watching shows. Worn periodically throughout the day or night, they gently train muscles and tongues back into proper positioning. Starting young helps prevent bite and tooth issues from progressing, greatly reducing the need for braces and other interventions later when mouths are fully matured. Nipping problems in the bud now alleviates more invasive treatments later. Make sure to mention any sleep, eating, speech or behavioral concerns at your child’s next appointment.

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