Your First Appointment

Thank you for considering Crested Butte Dental! We are honored to serve our community and aim to create an unrivaled and exceptional experience for our patients. There are many things that set our practice apart and the passion of our team to provide the best possible care with the best technology and education is the most important. At Crested Butte Dental we take a whole body and holistic approach to our patients care. In our mind, the era of “Drill and Fill” dentistry is over and it is our responsibility to be looking out for the whole body health of our patients.

Exceptional Care. Lifetime Wellness.

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What To Expect At Your First Appointment

If you haven’t been to the dentist for a regular check-up and cleaning for over 2 years most likely you will be scheduled with one of our doctors for a 60min appointment. At this appointment, we will take a full set of x-rays including a 3D CT to help us evaluate not only your gum and tooth health but also your airway, sinuses, and nasal passages. We will take photos as well to be able to show you anything that we have concerns about. We have a huge focus on patient education and want to make sure our patients feel empowered to make decisions regarding their health. At the end of this appointment, a treatment plan will be given with priorities and financial information.

If you have been regular about your dental care and have no concerns then we will typically schedule you with a hygienist for 90 minutes. At this appointment we will also take a full set of xrays and CT and do a thorough examination. If the health of your mouth and time allows, we will also complete a healthy mouth cleaning called a prophy (prophylaxis). The doctor will come in and review the findings of the hygienist and review the xrays and photos. If there is any treatment recommended then a treatment plan and financial information will be given and explained.