Improving Dental Diagnostics with AI

Dr Chelsea StanglInsight from our Team

X-Ray Image Crested Butte Dental
Here at Crested Butte Dental, we are always looking for ways to improve the care we provide our patients. That's why in October of 2022 we started using Pearl.AI, an artificial intelligence system designed to analyze dental x-rays. We have found this AI technology to be incredibly helpful in providing more consistent diagnoses amongst our dentists and hygienists. Ultimately, this leads to better treatment plans and outcomes for our patients.
One major benefit we’ve seen is that the AI helps us better identify cavities and bone loss. By running the x-ray images through Pearl.AI, we can see potential problem areas clearly highlighted and labeled. This makes it far less likely that a small cavity or area of bone loss will be overlooked. The system serves as a consistent second set of eyes, reducing the chance of human error and oversight.
Traditional x-rays AI xrays

Traditional x-rays vs AI x-rays

This improved diagnostic capability also aids in patient education and understanding. During consultations, we can now easily pull up the AI analysis to show patients exactly where issues exist and what problems need to be addressed. Seeing a cavity clearly circled on an x-ray image makes the diagnosis abundantly clear for patients and helps motivate them to move forward with treatment plans.
Overall, the addition of this artificial intelligence technology has really helped us provide more accurate, consistent dental care. Our patients appreciate knowing their x-rays have been thoroughly analyzed by both our expert team and an AI system for the most precise diagnosis possible. We plan to continue relying on Pearl.AI as an invaluable tool to enhance patient care through state-of-the-art technological innovation paired with human expertise.