Infant Frenectomy

What the heck is this? A lot of babies are born with a lip or tongue tie. Unfortunately, this has been going largely undiagnosed. The good news is more providers are becoming aware of the problems associated with these “ties” and everyone from lactation consultants to pediatricians are increasingly and frequently recommending that these be treated as soon as possible.

How do you know if your baby has a lip or tongue tie? If you pull your baby’s upper lip up and notice the muscle attachment is basically on the ridge where their teeth will come in then it is tied. Same thing when you pull the lower lip down. Sometimes the muscle attachment will be pretty thick as well.

If your baby can’t stick his or her tongue out past their lower lip, or if it gets a heart shape to it when they stick it out, then it is probably tied. Lactation consultants are well-trained at identifying a tongue tie but a lot of them miss the lips!

The problems that are associated with a tongue or lip tie start early with latching while breastfeeding. Infants aren’t able to create the proper seal with these muscle attachments, which can lead to feeding issues, extremely painful nursing for the mother, too much air being swallowed while eating, among other problems. Later in life it can lead to pediatric sleep apnea, which is linked with ADHD. If you aren’t sure and want us to take a look give us a call!

Please see our page on lasers to see how we treat lip and tongue ties.