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At Crested Butte Dental, we offer a large variety of facial esthetic procedures. We believe the best, most subtle outcomes are achieved by utilizing multiple different treatments on a routine basis.


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We offer neuromodulators (Botox and Dysport), fillers (Restylane or Juvederm), the Perfect Peel chemical peel, and many different laser facial treatments.  The laser facial treatments include spider vein removal, venous lake treatment, hair removal, laser facials, and a series of laser treatments intended to lift (vectored face lift, brow lift, smoothlase).

SEEING RESULTS: The biggest contributor to great results is a solid home skincare routine.  A good morning routine should include a vitamin C serum, sunscreen, and moisturizer. A good evening routine should include pulse treatments with a retinol serum and moisturizer with a hyaluronic acid.  Weekly, you should be exfoliating either with a dermaplaning tool or a very gentle exfoliator.  

PREPARING FOR APPOINTMENTS: It is ideal to supplement before your esthetics appointments to optimize collagen rebuilding and minimize "burning" from your treatment. Premedicating with vitamin C, protein shakes, and drinking a lot of water the week before and after treatment will enhance your results.  If you are prone to cold sores, it is vitally important that you take Valtrex for 3 days prior and after your laser treatments to prevent an outbreak.  

FREQUENCY: A lot of people ask whether or not they have to keep doing these treatments once they've started.  The answer is no.  That being said, you will get the best results by keeping up with them over time.  Normal frequencies are as follows: Botox and Dysport ~ every 3 months; Fillers ~6months to 1 year depending on treatment area and your metabolism; Chemical peels and laser treatments 1-4x/ yr depending on your desired results. We have also found that our patients get the best results by using a mixture of the four treatments listed above. 

OUR SERVICES & TREATMENT OPTIONS: All hand chosen to complement each other very well.  If you were only considering Botox and are unsure what else might optimize your results, please ask! 

Botox: We use Botox and Dysport to soften wrinkles, reduce the impact of TMJ/headache disorders, relax a gummy smile, lift the corners of the mouth, and reduce chin dimpling.  The dose varies by person, area being treated, metabolism, and how many times you've been treated before.  The first few times you see a new provider for Botox are all about finding the right dose for you so please give feedback at follow-up's on how the treatment felt and how long it lasted. 

Filler: Filler is used to add volume to an area that has "deflated" or started to sag over time. Filler technology has changed A LOT since the 90's when duck lips scared so many people off esthetic treatments forever!  When done conservatively, filler can be an amazing way to add volume and restore balance. Dr. Stephanie is trained to treat lips, cheeks, chins, jawlines, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines with filler.  She will only place one syringe per area at a time to avoid migration (duck lips).  A lot of people do not realize that filler can be reversed with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.  If you have had filler treatment in the past that you dislike, please inquire about our options for dissolving.  

Chemical Peels: We use a system called the Perfect Peel to smooth fine lines and even the color and tone of the skin.  The Perfect Peel is a blend of glutathione, salicylic acid, Vitamin C, and other acids, vitamins and minerals. It is specifically formulated to help lighten discolorations and enhance collagen and elastin production. 

Spider Veins:  Our Fotona Lightwalker (a dental laser) can be used to treat Rosacea and Spider veins.  They will recur over time, but it is a great way to even out skin tone and reduce the need for makeup. 

Acne Scarring: We can treat you with our dental laser to help reduce active acne outbreaks as well as treat any scarring from past outbreaks. The best results come from a series of treatments about 3 weeks apart.  The number of treatments needed varies based on the severity of scarring as well as amount of resolution you would like to see.  Try pairing this with our Perfect Peel for optimal results. 

Laser Peel: We can treat fine lines and discoloration with a laser peel.  There are different "depths" to the peel that we can provide depending on the results you're looking for. We usually recommend starting with the light peel and then working up to the stronger wavelengths.  Postop comfort and outcomes are tremendously improved by hydrating and moisturizing as much as possible before and after the procedure. 

Hair Removal: Usually paired with other laser procedures, we can target dark facial hairs with our laser.  Sorry to our blonde clients!  This treatment does not work well on blonde hairs. 

Brow lift and Vectored Face Lift: Because our dental laser stimulates collagen rebuilding, we can get some tightening of the skin as a result. Using the laser in a very specific pattern can create a lifting effect. This can be especially impactful around the eyes, cheeks, and jowls.  

Nightlase: Finally a treatment for the men of the Gunnison Valley! If you snore and have had a sleep test, we would love to see you for Nightlase.  A series of 3 to 6 treatments focussed on the soft palate, tongue, and floor of the mouth can help to tone your tissues.  This helps to reduce the amount and volume of snoring.  We do require a sleep test from your physician before starting the Nightlase series.  If you have sleep apnea, Nightlase can be a great adjunct to make your CPAP more effective.  

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