Our CEREC Machine

Dr Chelsea StanglInsight from our Team

Have you ever been curious about your crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays or other dental implants and where they come from? Or how they are made? We do things a little differently in our office when it comes to making crowns. Our patients love our CEREC machine and consistently hear how amazed they are with the ease of the whole process.

The newest CEREC: Primescan

CEREC is actually an acronym for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics”. The CEREC took what used to take weeks, down to one single appointment! Being one of dentistry’s most versatile pieces of equipment, the CEREC has been revolutionizing dental procedures for over 35 years.

What is a CEREC Machine and how does it work? 

The CEREC machine utilizes CAD/CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) technology to create accurate and detailed representations of your teeth. In short, CEREC uses 3-D imaging software to create a new dental restoration. The process begins with our dentists taking digital photographs of your mouth using the CEREC camera. It processes the information received to create a 3-D model of your mouth. Once the 3-D model is complete, we put a ceramic block matching the color of your other teeth into the milling unit. The milling unit takes the information from the CEREC and creates a precise and strong restoration. The CEREC machine generally completes this process within 20 minutes, after which our dentists will complete the restoration and provide you with tips on taking care of everything!

How can the CEREC benefit you?

Time: Of course the most obvious benefit we talked about is how much time you will save. Traditional methods of creating a crown involve a messy impression, a temporary plastic crown, and a second visit to cement the crown after it comes back from the lab, which typically takes 2-3 weeks. With the CEREC, it’s all done in one visit! 

Reduces Risk of Infection: If you were to have a temporary crown until your permanent one arrives, the tooth is vulnerable and can often be sensitive. Temporaries are not perfect and often break or come off before the final restoration is available.

Eliminates waste: This is one that I don’t think many would think about, but is a small benefit that can go a long way. Due to how accurate the machine is, the replica created is very precise which means it will only be using the needed amount of material to create your new restoration. There are no wasteful impressions or waste associated with shipping the impression or creating physical models of the mouth.

Our patients rave about the efficiency and comfort of getting a CEREC restoration. With the help of our CEREC machine, you can always expect high-quality and systematic restorative dentistry at Crested Butte Family Dental. We are always happy to discuss treatment plans and answer any of the questions you may have.