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Our approach to pediatrics

Doctors Dave, Jim and Chelsea all enjoy seeing our pediatric patients. We try to book most young children (under 8 years old) for treatment with Dr. Chelsea first thing in the morning. As a mother herself, Dr. Chelsea makes it a priority to meet children at their level, ensure they feel respected and in control during procedures, and help eliminate any phobias around dental visits.

She is committed to making appointments comfortable instead of intimidating. Patients recognize Dr. Chelsea around town as a familiar face, reinforcing that she is not just their dentist but also a neighbor and their friend’s mom. Her approach allows her to positively influence children's lifelong dental health.

Exceptional Care. Lifetime Wellness.

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Our team aims to make visits enjoyable for our young patients. We provide distractions like favorite TV shows on ceiling screens, noise-canceling headphones, and fun prizes. Laughing gas is also available when necessary, though our reassuring approach means it is rarely required. We do everything possible to create a comfortable, child-friendly environment.