Dr. Chelsea really loves treating children. Before moving to Crested Butte she had very few children in her downtown Denver practice and was a little intimidated by the idea of being a family practice! Her perspective quickly changed when she realized that she could influence how a child experiences “the dentist” which will be with them for the rest of their lives. She is often heard saying that she is “committed to never being the person who creates a dental phobia in a child.” Having two young boys, Dr. Chelsea truly relates to children and meets them where they are at, treats them with respect and helps them feel in control of their procedure and health. She loves seeing her patients around town and at the school and kids get to see that their dentist is just another mom around town, which makes appointments less intimidating and more comfortable!


Exceptional Care. Lifetime Wellness.

We also do what we can to make the dentist a fun place for kids to come! Katie and Tara are amazing with young patients and quickly put kids at ease. We have large ceiling TVs where they can watch their favorite shows, wear noise-canceling headphones, and pick-out fun prizes. We have laughing gas (nitrous oxide) available as well, though rarely do we use it!