Improving Dental Diagnostics with AI

Dr Chelsea StanglInsight from our Team

X-Ray Image Crested Butte Dental

Here at Crested Butte Dental, we are always looking for ways to improve the care we provide our patients. That’s why in October of 2022 we started using Pearl.AI, an artificial intelligence system designed to analyze dental x-rays. We have found this AI technology to be incredibly helpful in providing more consistent diagnoses amongst our dentists and hygienists. Ultimately, this … Read More

Our COVID-19 Response

Dr Chelsea StanglInsight from our Team

Wow! We have had the office closed for over six weeks and probably won’t be opening for another three, and even then, it will be at a greatly reduced patient flow. It’s scary and has been a time for reflection about how we can best serve our patients not only during a worldwide pandemic but also going forward. We truly … Read More