CEREC Crowns

At Crested Butte Dental, we utilize advanced CEREC technology to create natural-looking dental crowns right in our office in a single visit. With CEREC, we use 3D imaging to digitally map your tooth prep and our milling machine expertly fabricates a custom restoration made of durable ceramic material. This means no uncomfortable temporary crowns, no messy dental impressions, and no waiting weeks for a dental lab to manufacture your restoration.

CEREC crowns fuse seamlessly to your natural teeth for incredible strength, durability, and aesthetics. Best of all, CEREC crowns are milled to precisely match your specific tooth anatomy for functionality and comfort that feels natural. More efficient for you and with superior restorations, CEREC delivers the ultimate experience and result.

Cerec mill Image, Crested Butte Dentist


Our office utilizes advanced CBCT technology to capture precise 3D images of oral anatomy for accurate evaluations and minimally invasive treatment planning. Unlike traditional 2D x-rays, CBCT scanning provides clear, three-dimensional views enabling us to visualize complex structures in fine detail from every angle. This leads to better diagnosis of issues such as cysts, impacted teeth, root and sinus problems, and more accurate implant placement avoiding permanent structures.

CBCT exposes patients to significantly less radiation than traditional combo x-ray units. The detailed images it provides lead to more targeted and conservative therapy, faster healing, and better long-term outcomes. By investing in the latest technology, Crested Butte Dental strives to provide our patients with exceptional care and comfort combined with advanced digital dentistry. We can’t imagine trying to practice without it!

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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry has been a part of the way we practice since 2012. At CB Dental, we utilize the Fotona Lightwalker laser system to ensure our patients receive the most advanced and comfortable treatment possible. This high-tech laser allows us to perform cavity preparations and small oral surgeries with less vibration, pressure, noise, and heat than traditional dental tools. Treatments are minimally invasive and often anesthesia-free thanks to the laser’s ability to selectively target decayed tissue while leaving healthy areas intact. Patients experience less bleeding, swelling and post-op pain as well as faster healing times when used in oral surgery procedures. The laser even stimulates cell regeneration for healthier teeth and gums long-term. Whether treating tooth decay, reshaping gums, or removing teeth, the Fotona Lightwalker allows us to perform a wide range of dental procedures with greater precision, comfort and better clinical outcomes. Our patients can expect stress-free visits, less downtime after procedures, and excellent long-lasting results with this advanced dental laser system.
Traditional x-rays AI xrays

Traditional x-rays vs AI x-rays


In 2022, we invested in an AI program to help foster a more consistent diagnosis amongst our dentists and hygienists as well as increase our ability to educate our patients. The software gets better and better every month and we consistently refer to it for a “second opinion”. Pearl.AI makes it easier for our team to spot issues like cavities or bone loss and instead of just pointing to dark spots on the X-ray and confusing patients (who sometimes think the teeth look like toes!), AI can show the different layers of your teeth and how serious the problem is. Our patients have really loved being able to have a more collaborative approach to their care and the foundation of that has been being able to see and understand what the heck we are talking about!